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Pointman Aeronautics, LLC. introduces the TOMKEY.


 A GO-NOGO gauge that does all of the measurements required in AD2011-10-09 par g(1) - g(10)

In the measurements required in paragraph g(1-10), some measurement ambiguity is easily introduced because of the difficulty of using a caliper or other universal measuring tool on some of the inspection items (e. g. the rail hole .42” dia. dimension, tang thickness). It can be difficult to use a caliper/micrometer effectively with accuracy and repeatability.

The use of the TOMKEY© is a much simpler and more accurate, reliable and repeatable method to determine whether or not the seat rail and roller system is within the limits specified in the AD.  Some gauge tools only offer two or three gauges and are much higher priced.  The TOMKEY does all the measurements with repeatability and accuracy for far less.

2011-10-09 tool
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